Neon Beat

Skills: games, 2014

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“Neon Beat” is a new generation breakout game, enhanced with stunning visuals and powerful sound design.

A neon ball is running on the edges of the screen. Tap anywhere on the screen to make the ball jump towards the center. The objective is to clear all blocks in a given level, before the timer runs out.

Some blocks contain bonus items which help you to clear more blocks.
– Diamond: Gives extra 100 diamonds.
– Scale Up: Neon ball grows.
– Time Wrap: Timer slows down.
– Speed Up: Neon ball gains speed.
– Clones: Summons two extra balls, which are destroyed on impact.
– Bomb: Blows blocks up in an area
– Lightning: Generates four lightning balls that hit everything on their way.
– Fireball: Neon ball is unstopable for a short time.

However some blocks contains unfriendly bonuses.
– Scale Down: Neon ball shrinks.
– Speed Down: Neon ball loses speed.

You may say “How hard can it be to clear blocks with a ball aimed at the center?”
It may look easy; but through 60 levels, each one is designed to be harder than the previous one.
Every five levels, you’ll face pixel art bosses to clear. Good Luck.

There are 11 neon balls unlocked in order from smallest to biggest.
Rule of Neon Beat is that, “Bigger ball is faster”.

There are 11 different backgrounds with different colors and tiles.
Neon Beat has started. It’s time to clear all blocks. Have Fun.