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★ The First App on the App Store using Hand Movement Recognition! ★
★ Strong Memory. Strong Arms. ★

Nanbazu is a puzzle solving & memory game having unique game play, which allows you to use your device as an air pen. It is a new kind of game play. Writing numbers in the air by moving your iPhone/ iPad is the main concept of Nanbazu. This game includes 25 levels with different retina display environments having powerful combination with chill-out musics. Nanbazu is the best way to engage you to train your visual memory and basic math while increasing motor skills.

★ Story ★
We designed a unique puzzle solving & memory game with an unusual game play. We put lots of numbers in a box, created different levels, defined limited time, kept the score and gave it our tester. Our tester: “Hmm… That’s looks so good, wow! It can understand the numbers when I write them in the air.” He really liked it. Then we monitored his neural activity during visual working memory. We have analyzed the data in Gripati Clinics and figured out that Nanbazu improves visual memory. Three weeks later, Dr. D. has realized that our tester’s muscles are getting stronger day by day. According to Dr. D., one level of Nanbazu in a day can improve visual memory and make stronger arms. We feel very proud that we have invented next generation dumbbell. Nanbazu; “Strong Memory. Strong Arms.”

★ Instruction ★
1- Hold your iPhone/ iPad face to you.
2- Position iPhone/ iPad to the starting point of number.
3- Touch & hold the screen.
4- Write the number in the air.
5- Leave the screen when you finish the movement.
6- Nanbazu will understand which number you wrote.

★ Why should I play Nanbazu? ★
▸ To improve visual memory
▸ To improve math skills
▸ To make your arms stronger
▸ To test your IQ
▸ To teach your children how to write numbers
▸ To test your friends’ motor skill ability

★ Features ★
✓ New Kind of Game Play
✓ Hand Movement Recognition
✓ 25 Extraordinary Levels
✓ Retina Display Environments
✓ Chill-out Musics
✓ New Generation Dumbbell
✓ Game Center Leaderboard

★ WARNING! Overdose on Nanbazu may cause extreme power. ★