Corridor Fly
Our 1st Game :)

Skills: games, 2011

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Your duty is escape! Get best aircraft and escape from the futuristic corridor. Fly in a futuristic corridor and get coins and bonus items while avoiding obstacles.

Unlock aircrafts by showing your ability (Do not crash as long as you can). Pick up coins and buy new aircrafts. Better aircraft you have, more bonus items it can carry. Note that, each aircraft is in different style.

There are three bonus items in the corridor;
• Weapon : Burst next obstacle! Each aircraft has its own weapon.
• Shield : You don’t need to worry about obstacles. Limited time only.
• Time : Slow down everything except for your aircraft. Escape easily and pickup more… Limited time only.

• Your agility will be improved!
• 3D Graphics
• 4 Different aircrafts
• 3 Different environments
• 12 Sectors
• Game Center with 11 achievements