Uyudun mu?

Skills: apps, 2015


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Awake? is a simple way to connect with new people. Just ask him/her!
If the answer is “yes” it’s time to chat via photos and emojis.
After getting a “zzz” as an answer, conversation will be locked for a while.

I hope you slept well last night, because after getting Awake? tonight will be a long one.

Quotes from our lovely users;
“You’re fantastic Awake? Waiting her 3 nights to wake up but definitely worth it, we’re going on a date tonight.“ (Matthew)
“Are you serious! I can’t believe that I found my soulmate in that simple app. You’re my best Awake?“ (Svetlana)
“Thanks a lot Awake? we met in a sleepless night in the app and fell in love with each other. We will be happy to see you at our wedding ceremony next month.“ (Bonnie & Damon)