Dolmus Driver is a car racing game in Istanbul, Turkiye. Dolmus is a kind of shared taxi. These vehicles have routes without timetables, but instead departing when all seats are filled. Take more passengers and earn more money!
Stress Monsters is a multiplayer colour matching game depends on your tapping speed. Find twin monsters and tap faster than your opponent.
Gripati is a collection of 9 different game styles in 1 package. It is designed for demonstration of our upcoming games.
Nanbazu is a puzzle solving & memory game having unique game play, which allows you to use your device as an air pen. It is a new kind of game play, which is the best way to engage you to train your visual memory and basic math while increasing motor skills.
Santa Bee Control “Santa Bee” to match the colorful christmas gifts with each other. Number of gifts are slowly decreasing. Match the same colored object to increase their number.… Finished objects are turning into obstacles. Your time and life is limited, so be careful with the obstacles.
Corridor Fly your duty is escape! Get best aircraft and escape from the futuristic corridor. Fly in a futuristic corridor and get coins and bonus items while avoiding obstacles.
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Games are hands down the most popular category on the App Store, and there is a continuous, insatiable appetite for world-class, top quality, addictive games. Our mobile game developers having developed some game titles like Corridor Fly and Nanbazu, we know what it takes to produce a winning combination of design, engineering, surprise, and just plain fun. Our mobile game development services are tailor-made to suit your needs.

Our Mobile Games:

NanbazuCorridor FlySanta Bee

Gripati presents a host of unrivaled Flash Game / Multimedia Game development services, whose work is assigned to impassioned professionals engaged in the field of flash animation. The wide-ranging domain of multimedia is constituted by text, graphics, animations, sounds and videos. Understanding the need of the client, our team makes an amalgamation of all these fundamental aspects to elevate that appealing element, which is essential to attract and hold viewers’ attention. In this way, we enrich their viewing experience and provide a better medium to present information effectively.

Imagine being able to reach a potential audience of millions at a fraction of the cost of other forms of advertising. Well, now you can! Branded Flash games can get your brand, product or service in front a huge worldwide audience.

Our Facebook Games:

Coming Soon…

You are developing games with Unity but need to something to make your life easier. Our Unity specialist team may help you to develop a tool as a solution.

Our Unity Plugins:

Third Person ControllerAccelerometer Based Control

Today, 3D computer graphics is involved in a wide variety of activities. Virtually any type of 3D computer graphics needs 3D modeling, rendering or animation. In this case the realistic simulation and speed of 3D graphics depends directly on the perfect and professional performing of 3D modeling. Therefore 3D modeling should implement by professional and skilled 3D artists.

If you have a specific vision of how a product or scene should look in 3D, let our talented 3D modeling team take care of it for you. Our team is highly experienced in 3D modeling and this experience we will use while working on your project.

We will make any low-poly 3D modeling in compliance to needs of any client and any project (from simple to complex models). Pricing and delivery schedule are determined by the quality of the reference material and complexity of the 3D model. Our team has brilliant 3D artists, who develop your project applying our best skills and experience. Our team makes every effort to create advanced, original, best and cost effective low-poly 3D models.

Our Models:

Santa Bee ModelsBee Models

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Our company has extensive knowledge and great experience in Unity3D application development. Our team has brilliant and highly-experienced Unity 3D developers and artists.

Unity 3d is the latest favorite that’s establishing itself as one of the most preferred authoring tool to develop 3d games and interactive content. Games developed with the help of Unity 3d can be native or can also be accessed through web browsers on PCs and also over mobile devices. Unity3d Game Development has empowered developers to spoil users with some great effects such as complex shadows, water reflections, transparencies, atmospheric effects, and complex mesh objects.

To realize your game ideas an optimal choice of a specialized Unity3d Game Development Company is required. We are authorized to develop and deploy Unity powered games build on iOS and android. We have gained deep expertise in developing pixel precise entertaining games for iPhone, iPad and android devices.

Check our Unity Asset Packages in Unity Asset Store:

We are publishing asset packages into Unity Asset Store, which helps other game developers to make their game faster and richer.

Unity Asset Packages that helps you developing games;

3D Models in Unity Asset Store;

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About Us

Gripati is an independent mobile game development company, which is established in 2011 and funded by Ministry Of Science, Industry And Technology of Turkey.


Combining proprietary technology and world-class creative talent to develop mobile games that appeal to audiences of all ages.


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